Welcome to Friends of Forest Hills Playground

Forest Hills Playground is managed and maintained by the Friends of Forest Hills Playground, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up of a dedicated group of neighborhood parents committed to keeping the playground safe, clean and beautiful for our children.

The Friends of Forest Hills Playground raises funds for park improvements, including high-quality fresh sand, wood chips, new trees and flowers, and play equipment and toys. The organization works closely with the DC Department of Parks and Recreation to facilitate repairs and maintenance on the grounds and equipment.

Friends of Forest Hill Playground also organizes the annual Family Day event, the popular neighborhood Halloween Party and other social events throughout the year.

Latest News

  • Park Cleanup. On Saturday, September 19th, volunteers helped clean up the park. They swept all the pathways and the blacktop, pruned trees and bushes, and cleaned up general debris. In addition, they painted a new basketball key as well as a few parking spaces for all those lovely cars and bikes.
  • More Wood Chips! In order to provide additional cushioning for the higher playground elements, we arranged for more wood chips to be deposited on the playground.
  • Tree Removal: The city came and removed the dead tree over by the blacktop area.